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Yoodli Desktop App

Get an overview of the Yoodli desktop app

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The Yoodli desktop app allows you to record only your own voice during a video call. You’ll get real time feedback and get after-the-fact coaching feedback and analysis so you can understand how you’re actually doing in the moment, and track your improvement over time

The Yoodli desktop app will run quietly on your system until you start a call. If you choose to start Yoodli during the call, Yoodli will provide a real-time feedback via it’s live feedback widget

Yoodli can also track your talking points and help you make sure you cover all of them during your call.

You can download the Yoodli desktop app from Once downloaded, follow the instructions to install and get started with Yoodli!

If you’re loving the desktop app, remember to connect your calendar to ensure Yoodli starts for all the calls you want it for automatically.

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