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Yoodli Overview

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Welcome to Yoodli! Yoodli is your personal, AI-powered speech coach, providing private, real-time and judgment-free feedback on how you communicate. You can use Yoodli to prepare for a pitch, presentation, interview, sales call, difficult conversation, and more.

There are 5 core ways that you can use Yoodli:

  1. Practice a pitch or presentation, where you can deliver a prepared speech and get feedback and follow-up questions

  2. Practice an interview, where you can choose a job and specific questions to prepare for

  3. Practice a roleplay, where you can choose a scenario to work through

  4. Yoodli for video calls, which provides coaching feedback for all participants in a video call via the Yoodli bot

  5. The Yoodli desktop app, which provides private, real-time feedback on your video calls by recording only your own voice

You can also use Yoodli with your organization! If you already have your organization set up, please see our documentation here on how organizations work. If you’re interested in setting up your organization with Yoodli, please contact our sales team.

Supported Platforms

The Yoodli web app works on:

  • Latest versions of Chrome

  • Latest versions of Edge

  • Latest versions of Firefox

  • Safari 17+

Yoodli for video calls is compatible with:

  • Zoom

  • Teams

  • Google Meet

The Yoodli desktop app is compatible with:

  • Windows 10+

  • MacOS 12+

Supported Languages

Currently Yoodli only supports English. We’re looking to add support for more languages in the future!

Security and Privacy

We believe that public speaking should be fun and authentic. Yoodli is a safe space where you can be yourself, make mistakes, and not worry about being judged by others. You can read about our privacy policy to understand how we protect your data.

Need Help?

Please use the help widget at the bottom right of your screen!

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