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Yoodli Release Notes
Written by Esha Joshi
Updated today

2024-07-16 Release Notes

  • Org programs feature

  • Scenario personas

  • Custom goals improvements

  • Speaker by speaker split on uploaded recordings

2024-07-11 Release Notes

  • Profile pictures for personas

  • Creating custom goals per each roleplay scenario

2024-07-09 Release Notes

  • Custom Goals UI on Speech Summary (rubric vs feedback sections)

2024-07-02 Release Notes

  • Eliminated hub owner role. Existing hub owners were migrated to hub admins.

2024-06-28 Release Notes

  • New Pitch scenario, which allows organization members to practice a pitch with a target pitch time within the Presentation practice flow

2024-06-25 Release Notes

  • New Demeanor coaching feedback item

2024-06-20 Release Notes

  • Organization admin interface refactor

  • Recording and listening analytics for roleplays

2024-06-18 Release Notes

  • Media training roleplay scenario

2024-06-13 Release Notes

  • Added the ability to play back voice samples during persona creation

  • Renamed the "Key Takeaways" AI feedback to "Summary"

2024-06-06 Release Notes

  • Text to speech and media fixes

  • Roleplaying improvements

2024-05-28 Release Notes

  • Yoodli Voice on Apple iOS and Firefox

  • New testimonials on landing page

2024-05-23 Release Notes

  • Conversation Scenario Goals selection

  • Autorespond interruption

2024-05-21 Release Notes

  • Manager conversation scenarios

  • Conversation scenario persona creation

2024-05-17 Release Notes

  • Personas for conversation scenarios

2024-05-14 Release Notes

  • Updated landing pages

2024-05-09 Release Notes

  • New org setting to control if checklists are enabled or disabled for new users

2024-05-07 Release Notes

  • Improved microphone access pop-up for first time users

2024-04-30 Release Notes

  • Conversation templates for sales training scenarios

2024-04-25 Release Notes

  • Search recordings in "Shared with me" library by "Shared by name" filter

2024-04-17 Release Notes

  • New AI feedback designs on the speech analysis pages

  • Several smaller visual improvements (e.g. homepage courses for org users, conciseness analytic)

2024-04-12 Release Notes

  • Improve the help page to link to the help center

2024-04-11 Release Notes

  • Email verification improvements & speedup

  • Continuing first time user experience improvements and fixes

2024-04-09 Release Notes

  • Mobile enhancements to commenting experience

  • iOS improvements

2024-04-04 Release Notes

  • New setting to disable sending emails for every comment (default enabled)

2024-04-02 Release Notes

  • Enhancements to the mobile experience

2024-03-29 Release Notes

  • Orgs/Hubs Bulk CSV Invite

  • Add org branding to new comment email

2024-03-26 Release Notes

  • Org Branded Emails

  • Minor coachbot improvements

2024-03-21 Release Notes

  • Improvements to the Yoodli recording share flow

  • Improvements to the thumbnail images on courses (for organizations & hubs users)

2024-03-19 Release Notes

  • Resolved issues in the self-serve CoachBot creation flow

2024-03-14 Release Notes

  • Self-serve CoachBot fast-follow fixes

  • Bugfixes to orgs/hubs functionality

2024-03-12 Release Notes

  • Self-serve CoachBot - whitelabel admins can self serve manage their Coachbots (add on feature)

  • Deprecated Facebook authentication (sign up and sign in) - reset password to access Yoodli account

2024-03-05 Release Notes

  • Improved recording quality on iPads

  • Hubs one click share - simplifying the yoodli speech sharing experience with hubs admin

  • Self serve whitelabels - independently create white-labels with customizable seat numbers on a monthly subscription basis

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