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Yoodli for Video Calls: Zoom Troubleshooting Steps
Yoodli for Video Calls: Zoom Troubleshooting Steps
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Due to October 2023 changes in Zoom’s policies for meeting recording bots, there are several potential additional steps necessary to record Zoom meetings with the Yoodli for your team meeting bot.

Ensure the meeting host has “Local recording” enabled

Hosts are responsible for allowing the recording of a meeting, and meeting recording will only happen if local recording is enabled. To check if local recording is enabled:

  1. Visit zoom settings here and go to the "Recording" tab

  2. Confirm these two local recording options are enabled

Note: If this setting is changed mid-meeting, the host will need to leave and rejoin the meeting

Have the meeting host allow Yoodli to join the meeting and begin recording the meeting

First, the host will need to admit the Yoodli bot to the meeting

Afterwards, the host will need to allow the Yoodli bot to record the meeting

All other meeting participants will then be notified that the meeting is being recorded

Ensure "Only Authenticated Users can Join" is disabled

The Yoodli bot can only join meetings that don't require being authenticated. If this Zoom security setting is enabled, Yoodli will not be able to join your meetings.

To disable this setting:

Joining meetings that require pre-registration

Unfortunately Yoodli for your team cannot use registration URLs to pre-register itself. To work around this issue, please pre-register for the meeting yourself and provide Yoodli the pre-registered meeting URL when creating the bot - that URL will "tk=" somewhere after the "?" in the URL.

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